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Statistical Physics of Financial Markets

Dynamical Systems Approach to Extreme Events

Introduction to Mathematical Modeling


Dynamics of Complex Networks

Dynamics of Complex Networks II: The Percolation problem

Chemical Demos

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Chaos CHTO

Nonlinear Science from Paradigms to Practicalities

Properties of nano-scale soliton-like excitations in two-dimensional lattice layers

Solitons and charge transport in triangular and quadratic lattices

Granular gas dynamics: how Maxwell's demon rules in a non-equilibrium system

CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS  with “a little imagination and thinking”

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Information Geometry and Applications. Background material


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Course I: Foundations of Complexity Science

Course II: Complex Networks: Theory and Applications

Course III: Complex Quantum Systems

Course IV: Complexity in Social and Biological Sciences

1st PhD School Talks (2011)


Monday 18/07/2011
P. Gaspard
T. Gilbert
D. Helbing I
D. Helbing II
T. Gilbert Exercises
D. Helbing III

Tuesday 19/07/2011
T. Mullin I
T. Mullin II
E. Mosekilde I & II
E. Mosekilde III & IV + exercises

Wednesday  20/07/2011
D. Andrieux
D. Helbing IV
D. Helbing V

Thursday  21/07/2011
R. S. Mac Kay I & II & III
J. Johnson I & II & III

Friday  22/07/2011
J. Kurths I & II & III
J Kurths IV
J. Kurths extra material

Saturday  23/07/2011
A. Bezerianos I
A. Bezerianos II

Monday  25/07/2011
R. S. Mac Kay IV & V & Exercises
J. Johnson IV
J. Johnson Examples
J. Johnson extra material

Wednesday   27/07/2011
S. Bishop I
S. Bishop II
C. Mari
A. de Sanctis
A. de Sanctis extra material

Thursday   28/07/2011
T .Bountis I
T .Bountis II
S. Bishop III